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Get ready for quetzals, misty hikes through lush cloud forests, edible plant walking tours, and scrumptious farm-to-table fare.

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Awesome! We love hosting Paul and his students!

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We offer group (up to 30 people), family and individual lodging with a variety of activities including farm tours, nature walks, hiking, trail running, forest bathing and more. We are also happy to host you for a quick day trip or rest stop: stretch your legs on our trails and wet your whistle with our full coffee service.


Here are our current offerings:


Our standard all-inclusive package is two nights and our suggested itinerary includes:

Day 1:
Farm-to-table dinnerBed and Breakfast for Day 2 (includes pre-breakfast coffee/tea/hot chocolate service)

Day 2:
Morning farm tour
Fish your own trout for lunch
Morning hike, plant walk and/or plant study
Farm-to-table lunch
Afternoon free time OR farming/gardening class or work project
Afternoon coffee service
Farm-to-table dinner
Gather around the fire to hear the Seelye Story as told by Mama Maxine and/or dance class, free time, group time etc. 

Bed and Breakfast for Day 3 (includes pre-breakfast coffee/tea/hot chocolate service)

Day 3:
Morning hike, workshop or farm project
Farm-to-table lunch

Itinerary and activities are flexible, see below for a la carte options or contact us for customized itinerary needs.

Want to create an a la carte experience? Choose from the options below:

Day Trip Ideas

Access our 20+ mile private trail network with or without a guide.

Add lunch or dinner to your forest walk.

Full coffee service includes local coffee, tea and/or hot chocolate, our own organic farm-to-table milk and cheeses and homemade breads, biscuits and/or cinnamon rolls (cook’s choice).

Add a full cheese board service to your coffee or meal or bring your own wine to celebrate a special occasion. Enjoy alongside our generous samples of aged cheddar and Parmesan-style cow cheeses, farmer’s fresh cheese and aged or herb and garlic soft goat cheeses.

 Book a bird watching tour to look for the majestic Quetzal and other local species and wildlife.

Overnight Trips

In addition to bed and a hot homemade breakfast, lodging fees also include trail access and morning coffee service.


We offer cooking and baking classes (very popular with the student groups!) where we teach you how to bake bread, cinnamon rolls, make jelly (only available seasonally) or show you how cheese is made. This includes all you-can-eat sampling of the goods, of course!

We also teach organic gardening 101 classes where you can learn how to nurture and protect a garden without the use of chemicals and pesticides. We can take you through the basics of planting and tending a garden, to the use of bio fermentation to feed a garden, worm composting and more.

Farm project classes are also available, ranging from gardening and landscaping projects to water ways and trail building, depending on season, availability and current farm goals.

In the evenings, we also can teach beginner Latin dance classes! Whether you’re eager to add new steps to your repertoire or you have two left feet and want to learn just a few basic steps, we have got you covered. Salsa, Merengue, Bachata and Latin Swing are our specialties.

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San José Province, Copey, Costa Rica

40° - 75° F